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There are a lot of people like to design wedding by theirselves. So the flower wall is indispensable.


Today I will recommend you our new product-Flower wall panel. As you know. the traditional flower wall is a big piece that all the flowers are placed on a board. It is so heavy to move and difficult to change its style. Now we have improved these shortcomings:


1.Can I change its style easy?


Yes, of course! You can make any changes on it.


2.How could I assemble and install it?


Ok, it just like puzzle. You only need to put they together regardless you want.


3. Is it easy to move?


Yes, of course! Its size is all 44*44 cm, 40*60 cm,50*50 cm ect. so you can move it very easy.


The most important note: every color and style can be design by yourself.


Come on! Move your hands, contact us!