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Written by Scott Anderson


Most of us seem to spend a lot of time at work each week, and for many job roles this means working from an office work-space. For many, this means around 50 hours a week at the office – nearly 30% of your week. It’s no wonder that many companies are investing in better work-spaces to motivate their employees, attract and retain top talent. After all if you spend 30% of your time in the office, you’d prefer it to be a comfortable and pleasant place.


Project 1: Facebook Office, Dublin, Ireland



The staff at Facebook in Ireland are treated to a range of lunch options, and this living wall by the seating area gives a calming backdrop.


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Project 2: XL Catlin, London, United Kingdom



If you worked at XL Catlin you would be able to enjoy the quiet seating area with the natural sound barrier provided by this curved living wall.


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Project 3: Methven, Auckland, New Zealand



This water company in New Zealand wanted to make a statement about their commitment to the environment in the reception area.


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Project 4: Moor Place, London, United Kingdom



Why limit yourself to the indoors!? This project that we completed in London turns the roof into a series of terraces which provide a great way to get outdoors without descending to the busy streets below.


See how we created these sloping living walls.


Project 5: ECCO Conference Centre, Tønder, Denmark



Take the stairs! This green wall in Denmark provides a stunning backdrop for the spiral staircase at this conference centre.


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