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1. Are we affected?

The biggest impact of this virus is in WUHAN city, we are in Dongguan city. Our employees are basically not from WUHAN, so it will not have a very big impact for us.

2.When will we start work after Chinese New Year Holiday?

Our sales department, warehouse, and procurement have all started to work on January 30. But according to government regulations, the production department still has to wait until February 10 to resume production.

3.Is there any delay in production/ delivery time?

Factory 1: Artificial Plants Wall Panels have enough materials, Production time is still 10 to 20 days.

Factory 2: Potted Artificial Trees and Plants, Production / delivery time may be delayed by 10 to 30 days.

Factory 3: Fiberglass Pots, Production / delivery time may be delayed by 10 to 20 days.

4.When will the production be back to normal?

There is no accurate date yet, we predict that it may take at least 2 months for everything to return to normal. So if there are any new orders, be sure to inform us in advance to prepare. For orders already placed, we will announce the exact delivery date before February 10-20.

The most important. Our government is taking the most powerful measures currently, everything is under control. We believe that the Chinese people will be able to eliminate the disease as soon as possible.

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